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CryptoTrader represents the next step for OmniTrader and a huge leap forward in the Cryptocurrency Market. For the first time ever – Crypto traders can use the tried-and-true Analysis Power of OmniTrader to engage the next frontier of trading.

Now you can use Powerful Trading Automation, Trade Management, and sheer processing power to truly engage the Crypto Market like never before.

Cryptocurrency Data provided by CoinBase<br/>An industry leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

What's Included

CryptoTrader Includes Everything Needed to Quickly Dive Into the Exciting World of Cryptocurrencies

  • OmniTrader Real Time

    The Latest 2023 Real Time Edition of the OmniTrader Charting/Trading Platform with Coinbase Pro integration

  • CryptoTrader Plugin

    Powerful New Strategies and Trade Plans Designed Specifically to Profit in the Rapid Moving Cryptocurrency Markets

  • CryptoTrader Master Series

    3 Part Educational Powerhouse that takes you from a Crypto Novice to a Crypto Master!

  • OmniData RealTime

    60 Day Free Trial of OmniData Real Time Including Cryptocurrency Data

3 Powerful Crypto Strategies

CryptoTrader Plugin


Crypto Runners

The Crypto Runners Strategy looks for opportunities in the trend. Using Volatility Breakout for signal generation along with powerful filters to measure trend direction and strength, this strategy finds BIG Profits in any Cryptocurrency!


Crypto Release

There is nothing better than getting into a trade right before an amazing breakout. That is exactly what Crypto Release looks for. This strategy finds and enters trades as they breakout against the trend – perfect for the sometimes volatile Crypto Markets!


Crypto Scalper

If you like trading very short-term reversion with opportunities for quick profits – Crypto Scalper is ideal for you. This strategy takes quick profits in very short-term trades. Match the pace of your favorite Cryptocurrency with this incredible work horse!


Trade Plans Built to Profit in the Rapidly Moving Cryptocurrency Markets

Strategies are just one part of a profitable trade. CryptoTrader comes with 3 Trade Plans specialized to each of the trading strategies. For the first time ever in Crypto trading you have an automated method to protect and secure your profits!

3 Part Educational Powerhouse

CryptoTrader Master Series

A Powerhouse Series that takes you from Crypto Novice to Crypto Master!


Introduction to Digital Assets

An introduction to the ideas and concepts behind Digital Assets. Jason Rigolli presents the inner workings and concepts behind some of the most popular Digital Assets.


Trading Cryptos in OmniTrader

An intermediate course with Ryan Olson that transitions you from early crypto trading concepts into practical use and then dives into trading Cryptocurrencies in OmniTrader.


The Strategies

Digs deep into the CryptoTrader package. Jeff Drake provides you with insights on the tools and applications of CryptoTrader, giving you the practical knowledge to quickly engage in this very lucrative market.

Cryptocurrency Data provided by Coinbase An industry leading CryptoCurrency Exchange

Your Crypto Strategies and Trade Plans are only as good as your data. Therefore, when we set out to create CryptoTrader we wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Coinbase was an easy choice and is the industry leader in Crypto Exchanges and Data.

Coinbase provides fair, accessible, and transparent financial systems across 100+ countries with an estimated trading volume of over $327 billion.

Most importantly Coinbase is regulated and complies with all applicable laws and regulations in each of the jurisdictions where it operates.


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OmniTrader 2023 EoD/RT $495 Value
CryptoTrader Plugin $695 Value
CryptoTrader Master Series $495 Value
60 Day OmniData RealTime Trial* $198 (*$199) Value
An Incredible $1 883 (*$1 885) Total Value

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*OmniData subscription continues at $99/mo after the 60 day trial unless cancelled