Multi-Market Trading Platform

Desktop, Mobile and Web

Velocity Trader for the Desktop is an all-in-one trading application that is fast and fully customisable, with a full range of trading features to meet the needs of advanced traders and professionals – including visual trading (trading from charts) and one-click trading.

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Velocity Trader for Mobile – which provides charting, watch lists, alerts, technical analysis, position management, order execution and much more – is not only a way to monitor your positions while on the move. Our mobile apps are native applications for Android and iOS devices, providing a platform for every day trading and investing.

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Velocity Trader for the Web is perfect for traders who need the flexibility to trade remotely from any web browser on any operating system. Similar to the desktop app, the web application is fully customisable and provides the vast majority of trading tools featured on the desktop app.

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Velocity Trader is a market leading trading platform designed to cater for the novice investor through to the advanced trader – with the full-featured TraderEvolution at it’s core.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, an active trader or passive investor, Velocity Trader can be tailored to suit your needs.

Velocity Trader is a multi-market (shares, ETF’s, CFD’s, Forex, Cryptos, etc) trading platform for the Windows Desktop, Mobile Devices, and the Web.

You have access to all three platforms, and can choose which is most suitable for your personal requirements.

Velocity Trader is equipped with convenient tools for swift trading with the use of mouse, arrows, hotkeys or bulk-action shortcuts.

Velocity Trader has everything that scalpers, day traders and swing traders might need to trade all major asset classes.

Whether you are an active trader or a passive investor, our trading account services cater for your every need.

Covering international and domestic markets, you will have access to over 12,000 instruments worldwide across all major asset classes – and with the lowest fees!

Velovity Trader Features

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