CT Trader

Profiting from the Coral Trend!

The Coral Trend indicator, introduced in OmniTrader 2022, is a very predictive indicator because of its ability to correctly forecast the beginning and end of moves.

Nirvana Systems designed the new Coral Trend Pivot indicator (CTPivot) to find the best breakout and reversal candidates the market has to offer.

Included in the CT Trader package...



The CT Pivot Indicator

Historically, we have used Pivots based on Percentage movement (such as Zig Zag) or based on ATRs (Wave Trader). CT Pivot was created to generate faster and more predictive Pivots on which to base Reversal and Breakout trades.

Below are charts of HD with ZigZag (pivots) and CT Pivots plotted for comparison (drag the bar to compare).


CTPivots form more quickly AND are better defined, because they follow the ebb and flow of the Coral Trend indicator as described below…


Why CT Pivots are Better:

CT Pivot is based on changes in the CoralTrend indicator. When CoralTrend (for a specific Smoothing Period) turns up or down, the most recent High or Low is identified and drawn as the prior pivot.

Zig Zag pivots are often very late, because the chart has to move the given amount before they can be identified. But Coral Trend Pivots are often found more quickly because they are based on the turn in Coral Trend, not a Percent or ATR move. This makes CT Pivots ideal for any application where pivots are used.

The CT WM Pattern Indicator


CT Pivots help us identity patterns more in line with what your eye sees in charts, because the Coral Trend turns are much more precise. The WM Pattern is described under Patterns below...


3 Powerful Strategies Based on the CT Pivot are Included

CT Breakout

Uses the prior CT Pivot to find a breakout. Highly effective!

CT Trending

Uses Higher High and Lower Low Signals to find strong turning points in trending markets!

CT WM Patterns

Uses the new W/M Patterns to generate explosive move Signals!


The Amazing W/M Pattern

The “W” Pattern combines a Support Level with a Breakout through the center of the pattern. When well-formed, this pattern has been proven to be effective in identifying strong moves after a long decline or rally has been observed.

In the case of a “W”, when a high is formed in between support levels to form a “W” shape, a Break of high (center of the “W”) can result in an explosive move.

Similarly, the “M” Pattern often identifies falling charts after a long rally into overbought territory, as shown in the example on FAST.

“M” Pattern on FAST
“W” Pattern on AMD

The WM indicator draws the patterns and a line where the break of the W or M has occurred. The indicator returns the number of bars since the pattern was found, which can be used to take measurements (such as volume) at the Break bar for added confirmation.

OmniScans Included!

Easily Find ALL CT Trader Candidates

  • CT Breakout Scan
  • CT Trending Scan
  • CT WM Patterns Scan
OmniScan list for CT Breakouts with McKesson selected
ctt chart

Let CT Trader Show YOU the Profitable Moves!

From Explosive Breakouts and Trending Signals to the WM Pattern, CT Trader is a must-have to find profitable moves in any market!

The CT Trader Plug-In for OmniTrader 2022 Includes:

  • CT Pivot Indicator
    Helps You Easily See Precise Cycles and Pivot Patterns
  • CT WM Pattern Indicator
    See the Ws and Ms in Your Charts
  • CT Breakout Strategy
    Identifies Key Breakouts Using CT Pivots
  • CT Trending Strategy
    Identifies Important Chart Reversals Using CT Pivots
  • CT WM Pattern Strategy
    Generates Signals on the WM Patterns
  • CT OmniScans
    Search for CT Signals Across the Entire Market

Package Summary:

  • NEW CT Pivot Indicator
  • NEW WM Pattern Indicator
  • 3 Great Strategies
  • OmniScans that Bring the Daily Candidates to You
Money Back Guarantee