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"Suddenly - Making Money Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!"
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OmniTrader 2022 has some great NEW additions that make finding and managing profitable trades in any market easier than ever before!

All traders know that trading in the direction of the current or new trend is very important. Making sure to exit when the trend has changed is also important. For this upgrade, Nirvana focused on features that identify trend direction better than anything they have released before!

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The OmniTrader 2022 Upgrade features Powerful New Indicators and More!
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"I am confident that each of these great innovations is going to help you make more money in 2022 and beyond. And - the saving with the OmniTrader 2022 Upgrade Bundle is huge! Order now and lock in your Bundled Deal!"
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3 Powerful New Indicators

Jeff Drake, Director of Trading Technology at Nirvana Systems, researched additional indicators and techniques that could help traders be more successful. The result of his analysis is the addition of 3 powerful new indicators that we are sure will make a big difference in your trading...

Coral Trend Indicator Keeps You Focused on the Great Trades
(By Avoiding the Not-So-Great Ones)

The Coral Trend Indicator is a powerful trend-following indicator, where green represents a bullish trend and red represents a bearish trend.

In the examples to the left you can see that the red and green colors very nicely identify the current trend – even when the price crosses the indicator!

When considering any trade, check the color of the Coral Trend. You want to Buy in the Green Zones and Sell in the Red Zones. Nothing could be simpler.

Click through the examples to see how well this amazing indicator works – these examples beautifully demonstrate the power of Coral Trend. The color of CTI tells you when you’re on the Right Side of the Market!

Rotation Factor Get a Snapshot of Market Sentiment
Letting You Know Who is in Control!

The Rotation Factor is designed to show how market participants “feel” about the market they are trading. If the indicator is positive day after day, it means Buyers are in control of the market. If it continues to show a negative value every day, that means Sellers are in control.

Looking at the examples to the right, we can see that the zones of accumulation and distribution are clearly marked by sequences of red or green bars. Often, the opposite color will emerge on the day that sentiment changes and the market begins a new trend in the opposite direction.

Who’s in Control? Rotation Factor shows whether Bulls or Bears are driving the price.

VIX FIX Tells You When It’s Time to Buy or Sell!

The VIX Fix measures how close the current market price is to the lowest price of the last few weeks. It works because it’s based on how traders behave.

When prices are in uptrends, the close is usually near the high – but prices close near the low in downtrends.

The calculation for VIX Fix is similar to that for the volatility index ($VIX), but fixes some of the problems inherent with classic VIX.

VIX Fix can help you determine when a market is likely to change, so that you can tighten stops or reduce position size.

VIX Fix indicates both trending and “fearful” markets, telling us when a market is likely to change.

Stay on the Right Side of Every Trade

The addition of Non-Time-Based Indicators in OmniTrader 2022 is a ground-breaking improvement that no other software has, and will help traders stay on the right side of any trade.

Each NTB Indicator displays price data based on movement, requiring a certain amount of movement before a bar is formed - which is why they are called “Non-Time-Based”.

NTB Indicators basically smooth out the trend so that it’s easier to stay with winning trades.

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The accompanying image displays a Renko Chart and Regular Price Chart over the same time period on ACN (Accenture). We can see how the Renko Chart tends to smooth out price movement, since the changes in a Renko Chart ARE the changes in Trend.

There are additional NTB Charts that provide similar benefits. Range Charts require a minimal range of price movement to form a bar.

Point & Figure Charts have been used for 100 years to detect breakouts above a support / resistance level based on a specific move size.

Nirvana Systems pondered “Is there a way we can improve on these valuable charting concepts?”

New Innovative Breakthrough

How It Works & Why it's so Powerful

We use Renko Charts because they show trend progression by filtering out the “wiggles” in a chart. But until now, we could only display one or the other (Renko or Price) but not BOTH in the same chart.

Introducing NTB Indicators! Below is the same Renko Chart and Price Chart. However, in this case the NEW Renko Indicator is plotted in the Price Chart.

Clearly, the ability to see the exact level where price moves through a prior Renko Bar high or low is highly-actionable information, because it shows us where we need to add to or reduce position size. With the Renko Indicator plotted, there is no need to also plot the Renko Chart.

Plotting these indicators on Price Charts provides a solid picture of the Trend, and keeps us in the market when adverse moves might cause a premature exit.

Now you can have it both ways! The accompanying image displays a Renko Chart above a Price Chart with a Renko Indicator. Drops through Renko levels are easy to see in the Price Chart.

OmniTrader 2022 has indicators for all the classic NTB Chart types:

  • Renko
  • Range
  • Point & Figure
  • Three Line Break

OmniTrader 2022 is the ONLY trading software that has this feature!

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Since the OmniTrader 2022 Theme is “Trade with the Trend!”
There is No Better Plug-In to Complement the Upgrade than TrendMaster.

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TrendMaster is based on the Rainbow Indicator, which is named for the multi-colored “ribbon” that overlays the chart shown here on AXP.

Watch Jeff Drake, the Creator of the TrendMaster Plug-In for OmniTrader 2022, Cover Everything You Need to Know About TrandMaster, Including…

  • How TrendMaster is Powered by the Rainbow Indicator
  • Why Traders in Every Market use the Rainbow in their Trading
  • How Easy it is to Successfully Apply the Rainbow to your Trading
  • Why the TrendMaster Strategies are able to Show Over 70% Accuracy

You Owe it to Yourself to Discover the Power of TrendMaster

ot with slogan

OmniTrader 2022 is truly one of the best upgrades Nirvana Systems have ever created. I am already using the indicators that Jeff Drake created with the help of Nirvana’s developers. And they are FABULOUS.

This upgrade includes innovative NTB Indicators. Just plotting them will definitely give you an edge, because they show where the trend is changing. Then, there is the incredible TrendMaster plug-in. This new set of Indicators and Strategy is worth more than words can convey. They will absolutely help you get “in the trading profit zone” – day after day.

The OmniTrader 2022 upgrade is already priced very low, but – as a fellow South African trader – you can benefit from the extra low Rand pricing available from The Traders Edge! And the Bundled Package is an extra special deal (if you order before the deadline!). Please review the info provided on this page and all that OmniTrader 2022 has to offer. I think it’s an easy decision.

The Traders Edge team appreciates your ongoing support.



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