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JBL Risk Manager is Money Risk Management kept simple. An easy step-by-step method of keeping your emotions in check and removing the guesswork from your trading decisions.

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JBL Risk Manager

Every successful trader and investor knows the importance of a proven trading plan or system and understands that it requires both entry and exit rules and the discipline to follow them. Unfortunately many traders focus almost all of their attention on what to trade and when.

To survive it’s also important to have and follow a sound, easy to understand, Money Risk Management plan. JBL Risk Manager will automatically calculate how many shares to trade, where your initial stop loss exit price level should be, protecting your trading capital, as well as your trailing/profit stop exit price, to protect your profits.

JBL Risk Manager is Money Risk Management kept simple. An easy step-by-step method of keeping your emotions in check and removing the guesswork from your trading decisions, JBLRM monitors your performance with simple to follow reporting and tracks each trade easily as it integrates with your MetaStock data.

“After entering a trade, you are no longer a Trader but a Risk Manager.”

If you are interested in a simple way to manage your trading, JBL Risk Manager gives you Automatic Trade/Position Sizing, Initial Stop and Trailing Stop exit price calculations, Multiple Portfolios, Short & Long trades, integrates with your MetaStock database, Stock Split Adjustment, Performance:Win/Loss ratios, Trade Expectancy with permission from The Van Tharp Institute System Quality Number, R-Multiples, and R-Expectancy.

Components of our Risk/Money Management System:

  • Our Profit or Trailing Stop will never be below your Initial Stop Loss. Always steady or moving up when in Profit but never down and will adjust automatically.
  • Your maximum Risk per trade (loss) will never be more than *2% of TRUE Trading Capital (less brokerage), and is automatically calculated and displayed before every trade entry.
  • JBLRM will automatically trigger an EXIT when your Stop is hit.
  • Maximum size of each trade will never be more than *20% of TRUE Trading Capital.
  • Time Stop exit is triggered if a trade has not hit breakeven within 10 days – money can be better invested elsewhere but long term investors may choose to ignore them.
  • It will track and progressively calculate your trading performance automatically.
  • It is also ideal for paper trading or back testing your trading parameters.

List of program features:

– Automatic Trade Sizing or how many shares to BUY or Short Sell for each trade

– Stop Placement calculated Stop Loss and Trailing/Profit Stop exit price

– Integrates with your MetaStock database for automatic daily updates

– Share Trading Journal kept for each trade

– Share Price History saved for all trade entries

– Long and Short trades allowed for individual performance reporting

– Technical Stop entry is optional and can be used in place of the automatic Trailing Stop

– Maximum% Risk takes your brokerage into account

– Limits over trading and too many Open Trades

– Multiple portfolios and currency symbols for trading and back testing

– Power Pivot Points automatically calculated daily, for short term trends and trend bias

– Portfolio Average $Win and $Loss calculated for each trading day

– Portfolio %Win and %Loss Ratio calculated for each trading day

– Show summary of all open and closed positions very easily

– Show cumulative profit/loss and available cash

– Average trading period for portfolio and trading days of each trade

– Average $Rate of Return

– Trade Expectancy

– Total brokerage charges of all closed positions

– Stock split adjustment is a simple processon all open positions

– Portfolio performance automatically calculated

– Compare Portfolio Performance against any index or security, easily

– Sector Risk Monitoring and Control

Now included with kind permission from The Van Tharp Institute (IITM):

– System Quality Number (SM) automatically calculated (ideal back-testing tool)

– R Multiple reward to risk ratio automatically calculated for each closed trade

– R Expectancy ratio automatically calculated

*You can easily modify these parameters

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